19 Aug 2022 1 min read

QuSecure’s QuForce Emerges as Leading Community for PQC

Dan Spalding / BusinessWire / 19 August 2022

QuSecure is excited to share last week’s news of the first-ever QuForce Demo Day. BusinessWire’s recent article covers QuForce’s recent accomplishment.

Key points from the article include:

  • Last week, QuForce held its first-ever QuForce Demo Days, where QuForce Fellows shared the research they’ve done over the last six months. The event included six demos and nine participating Fellows. Three winners were chosen, with an additional prize for Most Novel Award.QuForce collaborates with individuals from organizations such as Amazon, Google, the FDA, D-Wave Quantum, and Stanford University. It is emerging as “the world’s leading community for quantum computing experts”, and is currently planning their second Demo Day.

For more information on QuForce, including how to become a member, mentor, or fellow, see https://quforce.org/.

Read BusinessWire’s full article here.


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