27 Jan 2023 2 min read

QuSecure teams with Arrow to deliver PQC; plus more about VeroWay

Dan O’Shea / Inside Quantum Technology / 27 January 2023

Just days after announcing their new relationship, QuSecure and VeroWay revealed more about how they are using QuEverywhere to get PQC to as many end users, websites and apps as possible. VeroWay discussed the advantages of using QuSecure’s orchestration solution in their financial sector software, which includes enhanced security and improved efficiency. The Swiss financial firm also shared details on the experience of using QuEverywhere’s API integration, which allowed them to quickly and easily implement the solution into their existing infrastructure. With this collaboration, VeroWay can ensure that their clients have the utmost security and convenience in their financial transactions.

The collaboration between QuSecure and VeroWay is a testament to the capabilities of QuEverywhere in providing secure, efficient and seamless PQC integration. By leveraging the power of the solution, VeroWay can provide its clients with a secure and reliable platform for their financial transactions. As the use of PQC expands, this relationship between QuSecure and VeroWay is sure to be a valuable one for both parties. With the help of this solution, financial institutions can rely on QuSecure and VeroWay to ensure their transactions are secure and efficient.  It is this kind of collaboration that will continue to drive the industry forward, providing a secure and reliable experience for all involved.  With QuSecure and VeroWay at the helm, the financial sector is in a great position to take advantage of this powerful and versatile solution.

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