09 Mar 2023 2 min read

QuSecure featured in Security Week for Quantum Safe Communications Satellite Link

/ Security Week / 9 March 2023

The Quantum-Resilient QSL tunnel adds a layer of security by encrypting the data with a unique key and sending it on an unpredictable path to the recipient. It uses post-quantum cryptography, which is resilient to future advances in quantum computing. This technology enables secured remote access between users and networks over satellite communications without leaving the safety of the tunnel.

This security protocol is designed to protect against eavesdropping, interception and malware attacks, as well as quantum computer-based hacks. The technology also ensures improved data integrity by making sure that each packet of information sent is complete and unaltered before arriving at its destination.

With this new development, QuEverywhere can now provide an added layer of protection for data transmitted through satellite communication, protecting businesses against quantum threats and ensuring the integrity of their private data. By providing a quantum-resilient link between end users and networks over satellite connections, QuEverywhere has created a secure channel that is safe from any potential attack.

For companies who rely on satellite for their communications, this new layer of security will be essential in keeping their data safe and secure. QuEverywhere has created a robust solution that ensures the safety of encrypted private data on any website or mobile application with quantum-resilient connections and sessions – a much needed advancement in today’s cyber threat landscape.

Read the full article from Security Week here.


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