04 Aug 2022 2 min read

QuSecure Wins Army’s xTechSearch Competition, reports BizTechWeekly

Editorial Stff / BizTechWeekly / 4 August 2022

QuSecure is excited to share a new article by BizTechWeekly which covers the U.S. Army’s recent xTechSearch competition. QuSecure was a winner of the competition, which integrates small or non-traditional businesses into the Army’s Science and Technology ecosystem.

Key points of the article include:

  • Winners of xTechSearch receive a cash prize, access to a business accelerator program, and an invitation to join the SBIR program, a three-stage federal grant program. QuSecure reached stage III in SBIR prior to the xTechSearch competition. Read more about SBIR here.
  • From a field of approximately 300 applicants, the Army chose 10 winning candidates. QuSecure was the only winning candidate in the quantum computing space.

Young J. Bang, principal deputy for the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, addressed the finalists, saying “Everyone, regardless of if they’re a finalist or not, is a winner in my book because they’re receiving mentorship from the Army, the Program Executive Offices, Army Futures Command and the community, and you’re building relationships. We want to help you continue your partnership with the Army to help us innovate faster, fail, pivot and ultimately modernize and digitize the Army.”

Read BizTechWeekly’s full article here.


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