25 Sep 2023 2 min read

QuSecure’s Quantum-Resilient SaaS Now Available via GSA Multiple Award Schedule

Ray Sharma / The Fast Mode / 25 September 2023

This strategic move enhances QuSecure’s commitment to delivering advanced cybersecurity technologies to federal government agencies and the broader public sector, ensuring data protection against the emerging threats of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and quantum computing. Being on the GSA schedule offers many significant benefits, including:

The GSA Schedule enables direct access to the U.S. federal government, the largest buyer of goods and services in the world, and it allows QuSecure to more easily equip state and local governments, as well as public schools, with leading PQC technologies.

Key benefits of QuSecure’s products for the government and public sector include:

1. Unmatched Quantum-Resistant Protection: QuSecure’s solutions use post-quantum cryptographic algorithms that are designed to withstand the computational power of quantum computers. This means that classified information, personal data, and critical infrastructure remain secure, even in the face of quantum threats. Additionally, QuSecure uniquely offers cryptographic agility which enables customers to change cryptography and key sizes with the click of a button.

2. Compliance with Government Standards: QuSecure’s products adhere to stringent government security standards and certifications providing assurance that they meet the highest security requirements mandated by government agencies. In addition, QuSecure standardized its system with all the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) finalist algorithms which, when combined with cryptographic agility, means that customers have flexibility to utilize any of the approved algorithms and key strengths.

3. Seamless Integration: QuSecure’s solutions are designed for easy integration into existing government IT infrastructure, minimizing disruption while maximizing security. By using QuSecure, customers leave their existing encryption in place. This means that they can use QuSecure PQC in addition to their current encryption – minimizing risk, cost, and deployment time.

4. Cost-Efficiency: By adopting QuSecure’s quantum-resilient solutions, government agencies can proactively protect their data and greatly minimize the likelihood of costly consequences of data breaches or security vulnerabilities exposed by quantum computing.

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