13 Mar 2023 2 min read

Telecompetitor: Starlink Supports Quantum Security Demo, Goal is to Protect Against “Steal Now Decrypt Later” Attacks

Joan Engebretson / Telecompetitor / 13 March 2023

Starlink Supports Quantum Security Demo, Goal is to Protect Against “Steal Now Decrypt Later” Attacks. QuSecure is currently being used to secure enterprise-level communications in the financial services, government, and defense sectors.

The demonstration proves that quantum-resilience can be achieved on satellite links, Krauthamer said. “This work furthers our mission to build a global quantum-resilient communications infrastructure that is secure today and in the future,” she said.

For organizations needing to protect satellites or other types of communications from current and future decryption, the demonstration proves that quantum-resilient encryption is achievable. As Krauthamer puts it, “quantum-resilience is the only way to ensure that our data remains secure and private.”

For organizations wanting to protect their communications today, the demonstration proves that post-quantum security is an option. The technology can protect communications against current and future attacks and preserve privacy in the foreseeable future. The technology, according to Krauthamer, is “future-proof and available now.”

The capability of post-quantum security, combined with the speed and range of satellite links, opens the door to new communication possibilities for enterprise users. Rebecca says, “it’s an exciting time for secure satellite communications.” It is clear that QuSecure’s quantum-resilience technology is a vital step forward in protecting satellites and other types of communications against current and future attacks. With its capability to protect data from today’s cyber-attacks as well as future threats, this technology is sure to revolutionize the way we communicate.

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