06 Feb 2024 1 min read

The Impact Of AI On Post-Quantum Cybersecurity

Skip Sanzeri / Forbes Technology Council / 6 February 2023

How are we preparing for this transformation to Post-Quantum Cryptography? Co-founder and COO Skip Sanzeri shares his insight on the growing use of generative AI and how that will impact current cybersecurity postures.
The dawn of the quantum computing era is upon us, promising unparalleled advancements in AI and ML that can reimagine our future. Yet, with its potential, there’s a duality that we must address with urgency and foresight.
The World Economic Forum warns of the “Next Global Shock,” a tide powered by the dual-use of technologies like quantum and AI/ML, where the very tools built to advance us could also become our Achilles’ heel in terms of power, control, disruption, and theft.
As we stand at the precipice of a major shift with the internet’s transition to post-quantum cryptography (PQC), let’s ponder the magnitude of change ahead. It’s not just any upgrade; it’s set to be the most significant overhaul in our digital history. And as we embrace this new horizon, the question looms: Are we ready to harness quantum’s power responsibly?

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