30 Nov 2023 2 min read

The quantum battle for the Indo-Pacific theater: Intersections of technology and territory

Patrick Shore / Federal News Network / 29 November 2023

One of the greatest challenges in the quantum battle is staying ahead of potential threats. As our Program Manager, Patrick Shore, points out, our current infrastructure is not equipped to handle the rapidly evolving technology landscape. The traditional means of securing data are no longer sufficient in this age of quantum computing.

Adding fuel to the fire, many are now aware of quantum computers and the impending threat they create. The Solomon Islands may be small, but small still matters. In fact, quantum “small matter” may have a more profound impact in the Indo-Pacific than any naval base. In laboratories across the Pacific there is a Cold War being waged at the smallest of scales as both sides are preparing quantum technologies that can be used for the next generation of warfare. This quantum competition has the potential to reshape the world and tip the balance of the geopolitical scales. The Indo-Pacific theater could be where we will see the first military uses of quantum technologies due to the convergence of two competitions: territory and technology.”

Article Highlights

The Quantum Competition

Future navigation and early warning systems

The next Manhattan Project

The quantum deterrence: Post-quantum cryptography

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