10 Feb 2023 2 min read

IEEExplore: The Quantum Cybersecurity Threat May Arrive Sooner Than You Think

Pete Ford / IEEExplore / 10 February 2023

The need for quantum cybersecurity continues to increasingly grow, companies start to recognize their data posture. Companies such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and Intel are investing heavily in the development of quantum computing technology. The demand for quantum computers is rapidly increasing as industries begin to recognize the potential for these machines to revolutionize computing. By 2028, it is estimated that the quantum computing market will have grown by 500%, with billions of dollars invested in the industry. This growth is expected to create new opportunities for businesses and usher in a new era of computing. The future is full of promise for the quantum computer industry, and companies are positioning themselves to capitalize on its potential.

Quantum computing is powerful because it can solve complex problems in ways traditional computers cannot. For example, quantum algorithms create multidimensional spaces where patterns linking individual data points emerge. This makes quantum computing immensely valuable for businesses and organizations seeking a competitive edge.  However, it also presents a serious security risk. 

To date, quantum computers have not been used to break encryption codes. However, businesses and governments are already taking steps to protect themselves against the threat posed by quantum computing. The great news is that you don’t need a quantum computer to fight against a quantum computer; we can use classical math and software to create a type of quantum cybersecurity.

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