04 Aug 2023 1 min read

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Mike Costello / Solutions Review / 4 August 2023

The appointment comes at a critical point for cryptography. Although today’s best classical computers would take an estimated 300 trillion years to break an RSA-2048 cipher, advances in error correction in the past year pave a pathway to enabling a large quantum computer to complete the same task in hours. These developments put at risk every sensitive data store and communication — from cryptocurrency to national defense.

QuSecure is leading the quantum-resilient encryption movement, helping enterprise and government secure communications by deploying National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approved algorithms. QuSecure’s QuProtect enables cryptographic-agility allowing customers to hot-swap cryptography and key strength, all within a zero-trust architecture. QuSecure provides an orchestration layer easily enabling post-quantum protection to communications throughout networks out to the edge, IOT, and even satellites. The entire QuSecure platform seamlessly works in tandem with existing cryptography, minimizing change and risk.

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