02 Aug 2023 2 min read

Women of Quantum Technology: Rebecca Krauthamer, of QuSecure

Kenna Hughes-Castleberry  / Inside Quantum Technology / 2 August 2023

At QuSecure, Krauthamer has been working to increase diversity in the industry. She believes that any effort made towards this goal is beneficial for everyone involved. “The more diverse our team is, the better placed we are to solve problems and create solutions that will truly reflect the needs of a wide variety of people,” she says.

Krauthamer also stresses the importance of providing support for those from underrepresented backgrounds. “It’s not enough to just have more diverse members on our team,” she says. “We need to ensure that they have the resources and opportunities necessary to thrive in their roles.” She suggests that companies provide flexible working hours, family-friendly policies, and mentorship programs as ways of making the industry attractive to those from diverse backgrounds.

Finally, Krauthamer believes that fostering a commitment to diversity begins with education and outreach. She recommends investing in training courses, scholarships, and other programs designed for underrepresented groups. “Access to these resources can be a major factor in helping people transition into the tech industry,” she says.

At QuSecure, Krauthamer’s commitment to diversity is evident. She encourages other companies and organizations to take up the same cause in order to create a more equitable industry for everyone. In her words, “We can all do our part to ensure that technology serves as an avenue for advancement – not just for some, but for everyone.”

Krauthamer strives to set an example in this area and be a leader in the industry. She believes that by creating an environment of respect, inclusion, and opportunity, everyone can benefit from the innovations technology brings. By taking tangible steps to promote diversity in her organization, Krauthamer is helping to create a fairer future for all.

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