The Ideal Quantum-Resilient Network Solution

Key Solution Requirements

Easy, Safe, Low Risk Post-Quantum Transition
  • Easy deployment (software solution) across all existing devices and applications
  • Zero install on end-user platforms
  • Supports phased upgrade
  • Standard, approved algorithms and protocol foundations
  • Heavily open-source system components
  • Scalable, high-availability solution
  • Enables zero trust architecture adherence

  • Policy-enabled centralized control of cryptography
  • Future-proof rapid upgrade as needed for future algorithm breakdown
  • Algorithm agnostic with support for preferred algorithms per jurisdiction
  • Visibility into cryptographic operations and support for cryptography audit
  • Tierable protections for high-security needs and high-threat environments
  • Enables responsiveness to enterprise risk posture

Active Defense
  • Heavy sensor instrumentation throughout system
  • Anomaly analysis enables attack detection
  • Automated analytics backed up with threat-hunting team for unknown anomalies
  • Countermeasures implemented in opportune functions
  • Control-plane enables activation of countermeasures and

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A Positive Paradigm Shift

Re-imagine your cyber security posture. Crypto-agility will enable your success.

Our Mission

We are using the advent of quantum computing to act as a catalyst to fix the foundation of data security infrastructure. By putting our customers first, our aim is to assure private and safe communication, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

“The paradigm of one key and an unintelligent cryptographic algorithm that has kept us safe for decades is now vulnerable. The future network will be able to adapt cryptographically to these changing threat patterns in real time.

QuSecure has developed an Intelligent Cryptographic Switched Network (ICSN) orchestration platform. This capability solves one of the most complex problems in upgrading networks, securing data endpoint to endpoint and all in between, even on legacy systems.”

Dave Krauthamer
CEO, QuSecure

Our Solution
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Easy, all-encompassing upgrade. For quantum safe protection.

QuSecure takes a detailed approach to each customer’s journey towards quantum protection. Conceptually we all know there is a problem, but QuSecure can help you identify, build, and prioritize to then deploy the most secure PQC solution. QuProtect offers the ideal solution that aligns with your specific business needs and risk appetite.

  • Easy, Safe, Low Risk Post-Quantum Transition
  • Crypto-Agility
  • Active Defense

Industry-specific knowledge.Applied.

At QuSecure, we know that certain industries have unique needs and challenges. When it comes to achieving quantum security, a different approach is required. With our diverse team of subject matter experts, we bring a strong track record of partnering with clients in the areas of Banking and Finance, Critical Infrastructure, and Federal Operations, as well as many other industries.

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