28 Mar 2023 2 min read

Accenture & QuSecure Team in First Successful Multi-Orbit Communications Link Showcasing Post-Quantum Cryptography Modernization

EvoNexus News / EvoNexus / 28 March 2023

The world of communication has just taken a huge leap forward. In collaboration with EvoNexus and Accenture, recently achieved a first-of-its-kind success in establishing a multi-orbit communications link that showcases the modernization and post-quantum security of their cryptography protocol. This success marks yet another milestone in the ongoing effort to ensure secure and reliable communications for both the military and commercial sectors.

The breakthrough comes from QuSecure’s revolutionary post-quantum cryptography protocol, designed to protect data transmitted via satellite links. The protocol is based on an advanced combination of mathematical algorithms that are resistant to even the most sophisticated quantum computing attacks. As such, this groundbreaking protocol is capable of providing unprecedented security for many commercial and military applications.

The QuSecure team worked with Accenture to build a fully functional prototype and successfully tested the protocol in an actual multi-orbit communications link. During their tests, QuSecure was able to prove that its post-quantum cryptography protocol could securely transmit data over multiple orbits, offering a major advantage over the single-orbit protocols previously used. This achievement is even more impressive when taking into account the fact that the team had to overcome many technical challenges in order to make such a link work.

The success of QuSecure’s post-quantum cryptography protocol marks an exciting new chapter for the world of communications. This groundbreaking protocol is capable of offering secure and reliable data transmission that is resistant to even the most powerful quantum computing attacks. With this success, QuSecure has made a significant contribution to both commercial and military applications. Congratulations to the team on their hard work and dedication!

Read the full article from EvoNexus here.

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