21 Mar 2023 2 min read

How Post Quantum Encryption is Changing Data Protection: The Impact of Horizontal Players on the Future of Cybersecurity 

By: Jonathan “Gouda” Selby, Senior Director of Federal Operations, QuSecure 

Our perspective on data security has evolved considerably as we face the emergence of a post-quantum era. Understandably, system requirements for post-quantum cybersecurity and encryption change as technology develops. We now need higher layers of encryption to safeguard data packets as they move across the local, regional, national, and global cybersphere through dedicated land-based connections and space-based infrastructure. Horizontal players push the development of post-quantum encryption systems to address these issues. 

Organizations like Cisco have played a crucial role in developing a secure global digital infrastructure. They are now in the thick of similar initiatives related to post-quantum technologies that can be applied everywhere. As emphasized in the recent 2023 National Cybersecurity Strategy, corporate and governmental sectors must collaborate on warfighter projects to deliver mission-critical real-time data-in-transit and our vulnerable data at rest. Additionally, industry players are collaborating with companies such as QuSecure to implement post-quantum encryption techniques for our military, federal agencies, financial services, energy, and other sectors. 

The worldwide reach of geostationary satellite constellations has kept its promise to transform our understanding of human movement and create new possibilities for a wide range of innovative capabilities. These capabilities offer the scalability required for applications from various industries to access post-quantum encrypted data whenever needed. Additionally, this technique can support the development of new post-quantum applications, such as satellite-to-AI systems that can securely transmit sensitive data between space-based nodes using post-quantum encryption. 

Horizontal players fuel the development of post-quantum encryption technology as cybersecurity and post-quantum cryptography becomes increasingly crucial in our quickly changing digital environment. Their efforts assist in providing safe post-quantum solutions for businesses in various industries and will continue to influence post-quantum cybersecurity. 


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