26 Jan 2023 1 min read

MSSP Alert: Arrow Electronics, QuSecure Partner for Post-Quantum Cybersecurity

 Post-Quantum Cybersecurity

Dan Kobialka / MSSP Alert / 26 January 2023

QuSecure announced that it will provide its QuProtect post-quantum cybersecurity software to over 220,000 commercial and federal channel partners. The aim of this move is to enable these partners to secure their networks, communication, and data from both classical and quantum cyberattacks. With the help of this specialized security solution, organizations will be able to protect their valuable information from any form of malicious attack. The company is confident that this post-quantum cybersecurity software will significantly improve the security of its partners without disrupting their existing operations.

Furthermore, the software will be available for immediate use and installation, ensuring that organizations can start protecting their systems as soon as possible. QuSecure’s comprehensive approach to cybersecurity will help organizations stay one step ahead of any potential cyber threats. This innovative solution is sure to revolutionize the way businesses and governments protect their networks and data.

Read the full article from MSSP Alert here.


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