04 Jan 2023 2 min read

Understanding Your Implementation Checklist: A Guide to Successful Deployment of QuProtect

By: Pat Shore, Program Manager, QuSecure

As quantum computers become cryptographically relevant and threaten to break encryption, it’s essential to ensure your enterprise software is prepared. While upgrading your cybersecurity to quantum-resilient standards can seem complex and time-consuming, you don’t need to dread transitioning to a post-quantum era. Here we’ll provide guidance for your implementation activities and the timeline for large enterprises so that you can ensure a successful deployment of quantum-safe security products.

Most enterprises will need to take three main steps to prepare their digital infrastructure for quantum-resilient cybersecurity:

  1. Evaluate their cryptographic needs and select appropriate post-quantum algorithms.
  2. Deploy a quantum-safe security solution, such as QuSecure’s Quantum Orchestrator (Quark).
  3. Install connectors on endpoint devices to enable communication with the Orchestrator.

Selecting suitable cryptographic algorithms can be done quickly with help from a qualified consultant or vendor. However, deploying a quantum-safe security solution will take longer, depending on the size and complexity of your enterprise network. The good news is that this is typically completed quickly and efficiently as a one-time effort with QuSecure. Once a QuSecure solution is deployed, you’ll need to install connectors on endpoint devices which can be done gradually through software updates as new devices are added or replaced.

Keep your data safe with QuSecure. Our experts will help you assess your needs and find the right solution for your enterprise. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help get you started on keeping your business secure.


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