29 Jun 2023 2 min read

Bolstering Security Ahead of July 4th Weekend – Insights from Industry Experts

David Marshall / VMblog.com / 29 June 2023

Craig Debban, Chief Information Security Officer, QuSecure, Inc.

“With the summer solstice behind us and summer now in full swing, temperatures and barbecues are not the only things that are heating up. Social engineering exploits are on the rise these days, so beware of hackers’ tricks to steal your data or get unlawful entry into your organization.

Be suspicious of unsolicited messages. If you receive a message that you were not expecting, your “Spidey Senses Antennae” should go up right away. Be wary, even if the message looks legitimate at first glance. Similar to figuring out whether to answer an incoming call from an unknown number or not, ask yourself why is this person contacting you and what do they want?

Never use the contact information in a suspicious message. If you receive a potentially suspicious message, contact the presumed sender using information you’ve looked up independently (i.e., don’t use any contact information in the message itself) to make sure they actually sent the message.

Don’t assume your favorite apps are safe. Hackers know you’re more likely to be vigilant about phishing emails, which is why they’re increasingly trying to reach you via the apps and sites you trust. Have you ever received a text message recently that there’s problem with your PayPal or Facebook account? Hackers know they have a better chance of catching you with your guard down on social media, as well.”

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