10 May 2023 2 min read

Cyber Modernization – How is Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Implemented?

Webinar: Cyber Modernization – How is Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Implemented? 

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, we hosted an in-depth webinar where we will cover the implementation of post-quantum cybersecurity into your network and applications. 

We were thrilled to have renowned expert Craig Hill sharing their expertise on the key reasons we need cyber modernization. Craig will present a comprehensive overview of how this modernization, including post-quantum cryptography, can help build robust security protocols that safeguard our property from malicious entities. 

With the advent of quantum computing, cybersecurity has had to drastically adapt and modernize to protect our digital assets from potential threats. Quantum computers can perform calculations much faster than traditional computers, allowing them to easily break through current encryption methods – a danger that businesses must take seriously.  

During the webinar, we will cover critical Cryptographic Modernization techniques such as: 

  1. Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) 
  1. Non-Deterministic Entropy 
  1. Policy-Managed Key Rotation 
  1. Crypto Agility 
  1. Software Deployment / Interoperability with Existing (Legacy Networks, Public Key Infrastructure) 
  1. Active Defense Threat Management 

This webinar will discuss the value of employing quantum-resistant cryptography and how to protect your system against potential quantum computing risks. We will also review the various techniques for safeguarding digital assets and data. 

It’s time to QuProtect your cybersecurity posture.

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