31 Oct 2023 1 min read

Quantum-Resilient Cryptography for Mission-Critical Environments

When: Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 1 pm Pacific Time/4 pm Eastern Time 

Topic: Quantum-Resilient Cryptography for Mission-Critical Environments 

Guest Presenter and Subject Matter Expert:
Chris “CT” Thomas, CISSP
Technical Strategist, Dell Technologies 

Traditional cryptographic methods, formerly effective in securing data, now face significant challenges in the current quantum computing age. Conventional cryptography relies on the classic computational difficulties that quantum computers can quickly solve. This rapidly advancing quantum computing capability threatens existing encryption mechanisms. Quantum computers can decipher encryption codes that would take traditional computers years to crack due to their ability to process enormous amounts of data and perform complex calculations simultaneously. 

To address this threat, quantum-resilient cryptography has emerged. These cryptographic techniques are ideal for mission-critical environments, safeguarding sensitive information, even in the face of quantum computers.  

Looking ahead, the adoption and advancement of quantum-resilient cryptography will be crucial. As quantum computing advances rapidly, our encryption methods must move ahead of them. This makes the continuous development of quantum-resistant methodologies necessary. Despite the challenges, the potential for secure data in the quantum era is exciting and deserves our utmost attention. 


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