17 Mar 2022 3 min read

Quantum for Good Panel: The Capital Factory and QuSecure CPO

While attending the SXSW Conference in Austin, Texas, QuSecure’s appearance by CPO Rebecca Krauthamer made quite an impact as a guest speaker on the “Quantum for Good” panel at the Capital Factory. The Capital Factory is known as the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas, who introduces startups to investors, employees, and customers. The Capital Factory is also known as the most active investor in Texas since 2010.

SXSW is known as one of the largest and most attended events in Austin and has been helping creative people share ideas and achieve their goals since 1987. This conference provides an opportunity for global professionals at “every level to participate, network, and advance their careers” through various levels of workshops, podcasts, keynotes, panels, and virtual meetings.

“This was a great opportunity to discuss the exciting potential of quantum computing to disrupt many areas of technology, including chemistry, materials, logistics, healthcare, and more. For example, a known use case for quantum algorithms is to use quantum simulation to streamline fertilizer production. At first glance it might not seem like an exciting problem, but this process, called the Haber-Bosch process, accounts for 2% of global energy consumption. With this single quantum use case, we can virtually eliminate that energy expenditure.”

“This example and many more give us reason to be excited about the coming quantum computing revolution. But of course, scaling quantum means introducing the cybersecurity threat. In talking about quantum for good, we must consider the urgency of protecting data for the future, and the importance of being proactive in enterprise and government to implement post quantum cybersecurity.”

The Capital Factory tweeted Rebecca Krauthamer’s thoughts about needing more people in the quantum space, “But there are spots for everybody in Quantum, and we need more and more people from diverse backgrounds to come into Quantum.” —“Live from the 16th Floor at #CFHouse.”

“It was a great event and there was so much quantum brain power in the room. Blockchain Creative Labs, The Austin Chronicle, Samsung Galaxy and all the other sponsors did a wonderful job curating an event that made the quantum computing ecosystem alive and accessible to the broader community, regardless of background and previous quantum experience.”

As panel discussions like this continue to grow, a recent article by MITRE, reported that industry growth is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2035, increasing the pursuit of people with quantum skills for advancement in quantum careers for healthcare, cyber and more.

To see the original tweet from The Capital Factory, click here.

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