09 Aug 2023 2 min read

Securing Financial Services in the Quantum and AI Age: Insights into Post-Quantum Cryptography

Webinar: Securing Financial Services in the Quantum and AI Age: Insights into Post-Quantum Cryptography

Guest Presenter and Subject Matter Expert:  

Wells Fargo, Peter Bordow 

SVP, Distinguished Engineer, and PQC/Quantum Systems & Emerging Technologies Leader for Cybersecurity 

The Hudson Institute warned us that a single quantum computing attack on banking and Fedwire would cause up to $2 trillion in damage. We cover the next stage of cybersecurity in financial services. We are thrilled to have renowned expert Peter Bordow sharing his expertise. Peter will present a comprehensive overview of how we can help build robust security protocols that safeguard digital assets from malicious entities.  

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize the world of cybersecurity in financial services. It will be a true paradigm shift that all financial institutions should begin preparing for now. By taking steps towards post-quantum computing planning, organizations can start to protect their data and prepare for this threat.  

The data types targeted by “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks are becoming increasingly difficult to secure against as computing power grows exponentially. If organizations do not act against cyber threats soon, they may experience severe losses and damage to their reputation. This is because quantum computing can process information quickly, making these attacks more successful. 

At QuSecure, we understand the power of quantum computing and the threat to financial services. Our experts are well-versed in post-quantum cryptography and can help organizations deploy a network cybersecurity solution to prepare for this technology. We offer products that help companies secure their data against emerging cyber threats and insights into how quantum computing will impact the future of financial services. Contact us today to start preparing for the quantum revolution. 


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