28 Mar 2023 1 min read

QuSecure Accenture Secure Multi-Orbit Data Communications With Post-Quantum Cryptography

Dan Kobialka / MSSP Alert / 28 March 2023

QuSecure and Accenture, which has a Top 250 MSSP subsidiary, have jointly completed the first successful multi-orbit data communications test secured with post-quantum cryptography (PQC).

QuSecure and Accenture are proud to provide organizations with the ultimate solution for secure, live communications and data transmissions. Our Quantum Secure Layer technology within public key infrastructure helps protect LSO, allowing for transmission up to GEO satellites with orbits that can carry more traffic and wider coverage. This means that servers, edge devices, IoT, battlefield technology, point-of-sale devices and more can now benefit from satellite quantum-safe communications. With this solution in place, organizations can rest assured that their data will be secure.

The Accenture and QuSecure collaboration demonstrates the two companies’ commitment to offering world-class cyber security solutions. With this powerful combination of expertise, organizations can rest assured their data is safe and secure – no matter where it travels. They provide a quantum-safe layer for live communications and data transmissions, ensuring the highest level of protection in space. We are proud to be at the forefront of this innovative technology that is revolutionizing cyber security for organizations around the globe.

Read the full article from MSSP Alert here.


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