17 Feb 2023 2 min read

Security Brief Asia: Lisa Hammitt Appointed as First Independent Director

QuSecure Appoints Lisa Hammitt as First Independent Director. Brings 30 years of leadership experience and expertise in AI/ML.

Sean Mitchell / Security Brief Asia / 17 February 2023

QuSecure has appointed Lisa Hammitt as its first independent director. Ms. Hammitt brings 30 years of leadership experience and expertise in AI/ML, quantum technologies and cyber resilience to the Board of Directors. She currently serves as Chairwoman of Intelsat’s board and is an outside director for Glassbox Ltd. and Clear Channel Outdoor. Ms. Hammitt expressed enthusiasm for joining QuSecure, lauding the company’s innovative PQC software which offers fine-grained encryption and allows CISOs to stay ahead of emerging threats. The appointment of Ms. Lisa Hammitt bolsters QuSecure’s commitment to providing cutting-edge security solutions.

Quantum security’s time has come, and I see QuSecure as the most innovative company in the space,” said Ms. Hammitt. “The incredibly fine-grained encryption enabled by QuSecure’s technology takes CISOs off the defensive and lets them address threats before they emerge. It is an honor to serve on QuSecure’s board, and I look forward to helping them achieve success in such a critically important endeavor.”

In addition, Ms. Hammitt joins Steve Klebe, former Head of Enterprise Payments Performance, Stripe and Google Pay Partnerships, to host a QuSecure webinar titled “Securing Financial Transactions in a Post-Quantum World” on Feb. 22 at 10 am PST. This in-depth webinar about the quantum computing threat to financial transactions will cover existing and emerging quantum cybersecurity threats, and the application of post-quantum cybersecurity solutions to thwart cyber-attacks on financial institutions. For more information or to register, see https://www.qusecure.com/webinar-securing-financial-transactions-in-a-post-quantum-world/. 

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