16 Feb 2023 4 min read

QuSecure Expands its Board of Directors as Quantum Market Rapidly Accelerates

Current Intelsat Board Chair and Former Senior Executive at IBM, Salesforce, Visa and Hewlett Packard Lisa Hammitt Joins QuSecures Board of Directors 

SAN MATEO, Calif. — Feb. 16, 2023 — QuSecure™, Inc., a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity (PQC) enterprise software, today announced it has named Lisa Hammitt as its first independent director. Ms. Hammitt joins QuSecure as the company continues to gain traction by deploying PQC with both Federal and Commercial customers. 

Quantum security’s time has come, and I see QuSecure as the most innovative company in the space,” said Ms. Hammitt. “The incredibly fine-grained encryption enabled by QuSecure’s technology takes CISOs off the defensive and lets them address threats before they emerge. It is an honor to serve on QuSecure’s board, and I look forward to helping them achieve success in such a critically important endeavor.” 

Ms. Hammitt brings more than 30 years of leadership to QuSecure’s Board of Directors. Ms. Hammitt currently serves as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors for Intelsat, operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network, as well as an outside director with Glassbox Ltd. and Clear Channel Outdoor. She has served as CEO at two startups and has held pivotal roles in Fortune 500 organizations, notably running Watson at IBM; serving as Global Vice President, Data and Artificial Intelligence at Visa; and holding senior positions in AI and Data at Salesforce and Hewlett Packard.  

“Lisa is an established deep expert in AI/ML, quantum technologies and cyber resilience,” said Dr. Jimmie McEver, a research leader in the national security sector in advanced technology and cybersecurity. “I am looking forward to following QuSecure as we make our way in a post-quantum cyber-contested ecosystem.” 

“Quantum computing is hitting a tipping point this year, with enterprises increasingly adopting our technology to solve their complex problems and unlock business value, today,” said Dr. Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave, a leader in quantum computing. We’re working with customers spanning manufacturing, financial services, government and more to build quantum-hybrid applications that help streamline operations, fuel innovation, and achieve competitive advantage. Lisa and I have worked together in commercializing these advanced technologies, and I believe she will be pivotal to QuSecure’s rapid growth.” 

We are thrilled to welcome Lisa to our team,” said Dave Krauthamer, QuSecure CEO. Lisas passion for technology and proven track record scaling organizations is demonstrated throughout her successful career. We look forward to leveraging her executive and operating expertise and vast industry connections as we enter this very critical growth period for QuSecure, and an important year for getting networks quantum ready.”  

In addition, Ms. Hammitt joins Steve Klebe, former Head of Enterprise Payments Performance, Stripe and Google Pay Partnerships, to host a QuSecure webinar titled Securing Financial Transactions in a Post-Quantum World” on Feb. 22 at 10 am PST. This in-depth webinar about the quantum computing threat to financial transactions will cover existing and emerging quantum cybersecurity threats, and the application of post-quantum cybersecurity solutions to thwart cyber-attacks on financial institutions. For more information or to register, see https://www.qusecure.com/webinar-securing-financial-transactions-in-a-post-quantum-world/.

About Lisa Hammitt
Lisa Hammitt is Chairwoman of Intelsat, a satellite company based in Luxembourg that supports secure communications, national security, and the protection of critical infrastructure. Prior to Intelsat, she was Global Vice President for Artificial Intelligence at Visa and held related senior positions at IBM/Watson, Salesforce, and HP. Ms. Hammitt earned degrees from UC Berkeley, completed graduate-level AI coursework at Stanford University, and received executive education at Stanford Law School and Harvard University. Her eight issued or pending patents cover topics as diverse as ontology-driven information systems, content management, complex data graphs, blockchain security, quantum networks, and AI-enabled privacy. She currently sits on two public boards – Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO) and Glassbox Ltd. (TLV: GLBX). 

About QuSecure
QuSecure is a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity enterprise software with a mission to protect enterprise and government data from quantum and classical cybersecurity threats. Its quantum-safe solutions provide an easy transition path to quantum resiliency across any organization. The companys QuProtect solution is the industrys first PQC software-based platform uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience using a quantum secure channel. QuSecure has current customer deployments in banking/finance, healthcare, space/satellite, IT/data enterprises, datacenters, and various Department of Defense agencies. QuSecure is investor backed and has offices in Silicon Valley. For more information visit www.qusecure.com


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