05 Apr 2022 2 min read

QuSecure on Quantum Computing and the Implications of Recent Executive Orders

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Recently, Rebecca Krauthamer, Co-Founder and CPO, QuSecure and Pete Ford, SVP Federal Operations, QuSecure shared their thoughts during a podcast hosted by the Cyber Policy Institute about quantum computing and the implications of the recent executive orders.

Rebecca expressed her passion of how this all began, “We saw early on that this quantum problem was coming down the pipe, and we built solutions around that, protecting government and enterprises.”

Pete shared his experience based on his background in government and federal operations, where he worked on advanced technology, next-gen communications protocols, and standards, “I saw the changes that were coming in the quantum landscape. Getting to quantum day when a quantum computer could break normal encryption. Knowing we are a ‘just in time logistic type’ nation, which fired all kinds of flags to me.”

To give a little background on this, a ton of research money is going into developing more powerful quantum computers. What we know about quantum computers is that once they reach a certain scale, that scale being about 4,000 qubits, they will start breaking things like RSA, and public-key cryptography will become obsolete as we know it today, so it is important we get ahead of this threat.

The executive order mandates these government agencies start to make the upgrades to this post-quantum cryptography away from today’s current encryption standards.

“It’s a fearful thing,” Ford shared, specifically about the way we see information passed is going to have to change.

But let’s not focus on the fear. “Quantum computers are going to do amazing things.” When Ford looks at this order, he sees it as “one more way to ensure that information flow is still free.”

If you are interested in viewing the entire podcast, click here. You can also reach out to Rebecca Krauthamer and Pete Ford on the QuSecure website, or via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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