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QuSecure’s Industry-Leading Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Solution Uniquely Able to Immediately Address NIST Team’s Discovery of Network Quantum Vulnerabilities

SAN MATEO, Calif. — July 26, 2022 — QuSecure™, Inc., a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity (PQC), today announced that QuProtect™, the industry’s first end-to-end PQC software-based solution uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience using quantum secure channels, is positioned to address quantum vulnerabilities outlined by the recently announced National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) technology collaborators team.

Last week, NIST announced a group of collaborating companies who will work with the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to demonstrate the use of automated discovery tools to identify instances of quantum-vulnerable public-key algorithm use within networks, where they are used in dependent systems, and the function they support. 

QuProtect is uniquely equipped to leverage the discovery work of NIST’s new team as the only PQC solution actively installed today and supporting the Kyber-based algorithm NIST recently selected for post-quantum cryptography standardization. Once vulnerabilities are identified, QuSecure can be deployed in multiple ways from a centralized administrative console to address legacy asymmetric cryptographic vulnerabilities, whether transferring data across a local network, or users accessing an organization’s online portal from home. These deployment methods also include active defense for both data at rest as well as in transit, with continuous availability to enable an airtight post-quantum perimeter around an organization’s network. From its partnership with DataBridge Sites, to its recent earning of a Federal SBIR Phase III contract, to the first ever orchestration of post-quantum encryption communications over a government network, QuSecure has extended its industry lead in the deployment of NIST standards-based quantum-resilience solutions. Where the traditional approach has been via point solutions, for example a post-quantum VPN, QuProtect takes a holistic and fully integrated approach through its orchestration process combining multiple encryption variables and solutions in one easy-to-deploy software product. QuSecure is also immediately available to work with NIST and its collaborating companies in their ongoing mission to create a more robust quantum future.

The urgent need for quantum security has become ever more apparent with the most recent passage of the U.S. House of Representatives’ bi-partisan cybersecurity bill led by Representatives Ro Khanna and Nancy Mace. This is in addition to this year’s earlier White House and Senate quantum cybersecurity actions.

United States Navy (Retired) Rear Admiral Mike Brown, a senior cybersecurity specialist formerly with the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, notes, “It is quite clear that the time to act is now. With NIST smartly moving forward in announcing their new encryption standards and NCCoE quickly following by establishing a vulnerability assessment initiative, it is exciting to see the cybersecurity momentum building. From the private sector, QuSecure has been leading the PQC charge and their recent breakthroughs in live orchestration make them a natural choice for those organizations looking for the next generation of encryption solutions. Based upon my years of experience, it is rare and refreshing to see so many branches of government from executive to legislative to non-regulatory bodies and private businesses working in such a rapid, coordinated, and bipartisan fashion to craft meaningful and substantive legislation to address such a critical national security issue.”

“As the only fully available and orchestrated PQC solution supporting NIST’s Kyber PQC standard, QuSecure continues its work with NIST and is immediately ready to work with NIST partners to continually evaluate, improve and implement our QuProtect solution to achieve our mutually aligned vision with NIST of creating an exceptionally cybersecure future,” said Skip Sanzeri, QuSecure Co-Founder and COO. “QuProtect enables organizations to protect their encrypted data and secure private information, as the industry accelerates toward a quantum future. With our federal and commercial market traction and installations, QuProtect is deployed to uniquely combine our broad-based quantum and post-quantum technologies providing secure, interoperable cybersecurity to protect networks from today’s classical threats and future quantum threats.”

QuProtect enables organizations to leverage quantum resilient technology for the first time to help prevent today’s cyberattacks, while future-proofing networks and preparing for post-quantum cyberthreats. It provides quantum-resilient cryptography, anytime, anywhere and on any device. QuProtect uses an end-to-end quantum-security-as-a-service (QSaaS) architecture that addresses the digital ecosystem’s most vulnerable aspects, uniquely combining zero-trust, next-generation post-quantum-cryptography, quantum-strength keys, high availability, easy deployment, and active defense into a comprehensive and interoperable cybersecurity suite. The end-to-end approach is designed around the entire data lifecycle as data is stored, communicated and used.

About QuSecure
QuSecure is a leader in post-quantum cybersecurity with a mission to protect enterprise and government data from quantum and classical cybersecurity threats. Its quantum-safe solutions provide an easy transition path to quantum resiliency across any organization. The company’s QuProtect solution is the industry’s first PQC software-based platform uniquely designed to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum-resilience using a quantum secure channel. QuSecure has current customer deployments in banking/finance, healthcare, space/satellite, IT/data enterprises, datacenters and various Department of Defense agencies. QuSecure is investor backed and has offices in Silicon Valley. For more information visit www.qusecure.com.

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