21 Jun 2023 2 min read

Securing Edge Computing by Deploying Post-Quantum Cryptography

Webinar: Securing Edge Computing by Deploying Post-Quantum Cryptography 

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, we hosted an in-depth webinar where we will cover the implementation of post-quantum cybersecurity for edge devices. 

We are thrilled to have renowned expert John “Hoss” DeRosa sharing his expertise on one of the key reasons we need PQC to the edge. Hoss will present a comprehensive overview of how we can help build robust security protocols that safeguard our property from malicious entities. 

The way we secure the digital world is in the midst of a significant revolution. With the potential of emerging technologies like generative artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing becoming a reality, traditional encryption algorithms are no longer enough. That’s why so many cybersecurity professionals have begun considering post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and its long-term security benefits.  

The most common use for post-quantum cryptography is protecting sensitive information stored on edge devices. Edge devices operate away from the traditional cloud computing environment and store data locally. For example, IoT sensors or medical devices. These edge devices are often less well-protected by standard cybersecurity measures, so ensuring they are secure from malicious attacks is crucial.  

Fortunately, post-quantum cryptography can help assure the safety and security of data on edge devices. Organizations can ensure that their data is resistant to cyber-attacks from classical and quantum computers by utilizing post-quantum cryptography methods, providing them with long-term confidence that their data is secure. 

At QuSecure, we believe in the value of post-quantum cryptography and its ability to secure edge devices. Our team is deploying security solutions for organizations looking to protect their data with post-quantum cryptography. We can help you protect your edge computing and ensure they resist attacks from quantum computers.  

With the growth of AI and the emergence of a cryptographically relevant quantum computer (CRQC) looming ever closer, it’s essential to consider post-quantum cryptography for protecting your data. At QuSecure, we can provide you with the tools and expertise needed to secure your devices against any threats that may arise.

It’s time to QuProtect your cybersecurity posture.

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