29 Mar 2023 2 min read

Securing Space and Connected Ground Networks with Post-Quantum Cryptography

Webinar: Securing Space and Connected Ground Networks with Post-Quantum Cryptography with Accenture  

On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, we hosted an in-depth webinar where we will cover the cybersecurity threat to satellites, including the application of post-quantum and quantum resilient cybersecurity solutions to thwart cyber-attacks.  

Post-quantum cryptography has become an important security measure within the modern communication network. Compared to traditional encryption protocols designed around asymmetric key algorithms, post-quantum cryptography is built on mathematical problems resistant to a quantum computer attack.  

This makes post-quantum cryptography particularly useful in protecting ground, space, and connected networks such as those used in satellite communications. By encrypting transmitted data, post-quantum cryptography ensures that critical data is secure during transmission by preventing unauthorized users from intercepting or tampering with the information. This provides mission success, lives saved, and equipment conservation when applied correctly throughout the entire network of assets.  

For space applications, post-quantum cryptography offers an upgrade to legacy assets that are otherwise vulnerable due to traditional encryption techniques. Additionally, post-quantum and quantum-resilient cryptography can be used in more complex hybrid space architectures to provide secure communication between various satellite entities.  

Finally, post-quantum cryptographic solutions can also be applied to connected autonomous platforms such as those employed for AI & ML, edge computing, and IoT systems. Using post-quantum and quantum-resilient cryptography ensures the integrity and security of transmitted information when communicating with other connected devices.  

It’s time to QuProtect your cybersecurity posture.

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