13 Jul 2022 1 min read

Government Implements QuProtect, Post-Quantum Cryptography Solution

Lawrence Carter / Potomac Officers Club / 13 July 2022

QuSecure is exhilarated about our recent deployment of QuProtect at a U.S. government facility. Potomac Officers Club recently published an article covering this development.

Key points of the article include:

  • The U.S. government recently implemented QuProtect, QuSecure’s post-quantum cryptography solution, at legacy government systems at a combined Air Force, Space Force, and NORAD base. This is the first ever example of quantum-secure communication at a government facility.
  • This news comes soon after QuSecure was awarded the SBIR III federal procurement contract, which allows a multitude of government agencies to invest in QuSecure and use QuProtect to endow their data with quantum-resilience.
  • QuProtect, which protects data 24/7 without causing bandwidth or latency issues, is the only end-to-end, software-based PQC solution designed to protect encrypted data through quantum-secure channels. It can protect data on any device, in transit or in storage.

Read the full article from Potomac Officers Club here.


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