03 Feb 2022 2 min read

Webinar: Quantum Cybersecurity for Federal and DoD Agencies: Next Steps

On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, QuSecure held a webinar about the White House’s Memorandum on Improving the Cybersecurity of National Security and how to start planning for the post-quantum cybersecurity era. We covered existing and emerging cybersecurity threats and practical and currently available post-quantum cybersecurity solutions to thwart quantum and classical attacks on our systems.

On Wednesday, January 19, 2022, President Biden signed a National Security Memorandum to standardize cybersecurity requirements for national security systems across all agencies. Most notably, the memorandum addressed the threat quantum computers pose to today’s encryption standards: “Within 180 days of this memorandum, agencies shall identify any instances of encryption not in compliance with NSA-approved Quantum Resistant Algorithms…”

This memorandum will have an enormous impact on quantum technology and quantum cybersecurity for the United States. The document instructs the NSA (National Security Agency) to disclose any records relating to “quantum-resistant protocols and planning for using quantum-resistant cryptography where necessary.” The order will drive updates to classified systems and should soon push post-quantum cyber security standards and compliance across all Federal agencies.

This landmark document is a wake-up call for understanding how vital quantum technology is for our country and the world. These quantum advances can threaten our nation’s security very soon, and we should act now to counter adversary actions.

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