08 Jan 2023 3 min read

Be Ready for Q-Day: Prepare Your Business with QuSecure’s Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Solutions

By: Skip Sanzeri, Co-Founder, Board Chair, COO, QuSecure 

Quantum technologies are fascinating and can potentially change our lives. Examples of applications that quantum computers may be able to handle are protein folding, molecular simulation, and other multi-variate complex functions classical computers struggle to solve. 

As quantum computing progresses, it is expected to obsolete current encryption methods. This would significantly impact enterprises, digital infrastructures, and economies that rely on this type of security. This problem necessitates immediate attention on both the national and international scales. Although quantum technologies offer many potential benefits to humankind, they could have a much more significant negative impact if this risk comes to fruition. 

While we have a general understanding of the effects of a “Q-Day” (the day when a quantum computer is powerful enough to crack the encryption we use), it is difficult to pinpoint when exactly these changes will occur. Not only that, but it is common knowledge that data stolen now will be decrypted once Q-Day is here. Because we have yet to determine when Q-Day will happen, it’s tough to decide when the best time is to act. This usually leads to de-prioritization in favor of more pressing issues; however, this may be just kicking the quantum can down the road. 

Although few understand the risks of quantum computing, those within the technology community and the cybersecurity industry have already begun developing solutions. Furthermore, further education must be provided on a larger scale so senior leadership can better understand this problem. In May 2022, President Biden released a memorandum and executive order to address the quantum threat in the coming months. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced a list of four quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms in July 2022 after evaluation by the expert community. 

QuSecure is here to help our customers become quantum secure. With the right tools, post-quantum encryption, and expert guidance, organizations can stay ahead of this quickly evolving threat.  We specialize in quantum-safe cryptography and post-quantum encryption, which use algorithms that are quantum resistant. We know that the threat of a quantum future is real, so we want to ensure your data is secure now and for many years with our cybersecurity solutions. With QuSecure, you can be confident in your organization’s ability to maintain its cyber security posture even when Q-Day comes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep your business safe from the looming Q-Day. 


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