03 Mar 2022 2 min read

Guest Conversation: Teleportation with Mekena Metcalf

QuSecure’s leadership team, executives, advisors and employees recently hosted a guest conversation with theoretical physicist, cowgirl, advocate, adventurist, and quantum wrangler, Mekena Metcalf to discuss teleportation.

“I’m interested in opportunities that are highly dynamic, spur my creativity, engage me intellectually, and involve interaction and communication between team members, leadership, customers and stakeholders. I am motivated by service to humankind in my profession where I am able to witness my work having a direct impact,” Metcalf on what motivates her journey in quantum computation and algorithm development.

Metcalf began the conversation by talking about the concept of being able to teleport actual matter using an external device. She discussed the fun idea of teleporting an apple from one place to another using a sort of teleportation gun. Realistically though, we are far off from teleporting matter, but we can teleport information (data).

When we think of quantum computing and quantum networks, we think about communication between Alice and Bob, as outlined in an article, “The Adventures of Alice and Bob,” by Madeline Farina, where officially, quantum teleportation is defined as the state of qubit being transmitted using two bits of classical communication and a Bell pair.

Wikipedia defines the Bell states or pairs as “specific quantum states of two qubits that represent the simplest (and maximal) examples of quantum entanglement; conceptually, they fall under the study of quantum information science. The Bell states are a form of entangled and normalized basis vectors.”

The conversation took a deeper dive into quantum teleportation, quantum channels and multiple qubits, and raised questions like, “How does the teleportation protocol work?” and “How does entanglement and quantum teleportation work?” Although this subject seems like something out of a science fiction novel, teleportation of information is real, and scientists are continuing their progress with teleportation every day.

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