01 Mar 2022 3 min read

QuSecure Chief Product Officer Discusses Quantum Space at VA Tech

Recently, Rebecca Krauthamer, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Quantum Thought and Chief Product Officer, QuSecure spoke at a virtual conference, hosted by Virginia Tech University, and shared her thoughts about quantum space, entrepreneurship, and Silicon Valley. Her audience consisted of faculty, students, and staff of VA Tech (both from Blacksburg and Northern VA). The Audience specialty ranged from the Founding Director of Multifunctional Integrated Circuits & Systems, the Director of Master of Engineering program in Northern Virginia, Center for Power Electronics faculty, 5G Cellular Communication & Security (faculty and students), cybersecurity, A MIT post-doc, materials science, and engineering…just to name a few! This is part two of the virtual conference.

Some of Rebecca’s talking points included “When will Quantum Provide Value?” and showcasing the “Application Areas” where we can see quantum being used. She shared a slide presentation alongside her commentary to explain these topics better.

When will Quantum Provide Value?
Now that the hardware side of quantum computing is getting better, Rebecca expressed her excitement for the software side. The bottleneck is going to be understanding the algorithms. “We are starting to conceptualize how to solve the big problems like Shor’s and Grover’s algorithms but there is a huge opportunity to think about what we can do on the software side with these powerful machines.”

Where are the applications areas?
Chemical simulation (first application where quantum computers were conceived) Some people say Richard Feynman came up with the idea of a quantum computer. Based on his thinking and research, “in a simulation we cannot use a computer, we need a quantum computer.” So, what does this mean to you? According to reports, the reality is that quantum will provide value to different organizations at different times and in different ways. For smaller problems, the value will most likely be sooner. For larger problems, the scaling of QPUs (Quantum Processing Unit) may mean the value comes later.

Rebecca shared one of her favorite quotes “Understanding strongly interacting quantum systems is like the transition from alchemy to chemistry,” Piers Coleman (Rutgers). This allows us to start to understand some of the things we haven’t in the past.

An example of something that resonates with people is if you wanted to model the properties of penicillin, it requires 10 of the 86 classical bits to run but only 286 qubits on a quantum computer. “This opens up a whole new world where you can understand the states of chemistry material matter.”

She concluded the conference with a Q&A session, where she was able to help answer some well thought out questions about quantum cybersecurity, quantum post-cryptography and the overall quantum space.

If you are interested in viewing the entire virtual conference, click here. You can also reach out to Rebecca Krauthamer on the QuSecure website, or via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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